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Development of Reinforced Concrete Elements and Systems with Waste Tire Powder



The primary goal is the development of a new material for application in load-bearing reinforced-concrete structures with improved seismic performance.


Currently only 5% of the recycled tire rubber waste is being used in construction, with possibilities that are abundant. This is one of the reasons why new technologies should be designed so that tires can be recycled in higher percentages and be used as raw materials for the creation of new products. Lately, car tires have found its use in the cement production industry as a replacement energy source, for production of playground surfaces and sports grounds and for various lining and covers. Furthermore, one of the latest tendencies in research is the use of tire rubber waste and its components in concrete production technology.

Research team

Defined project goals will be achieved by establishing a new international research group of young scientists in order to accelerate the establishment of independent research careers after obtaining a PhD. The new research group will conduct scientific research via experimental and numerical methods to prove defined hypothesizes, with strong Organization support.